2007 Jul 23

Interviews from 2006

Added 4 interviews from 2006 to the videos archive.

• Interviews: The Showbuzz – October 2, 2006
• Interviews: Charlie Rose – October 24, 2006
• Interviews: The Showbuzz – October 30, 2006
• Interviews: The Early Show – November 11, 2006

Thanks again to the great Rafael for contributing with most of these!

Note: For people having trouble with unzipping .rar files, all you have to do is: download the .rar files and put them into the same folder and then click “unzip” the first, second and so on. Whenever they ask you to overwrite the existing file, you choose “yes to all”.

4 Comments on “Interviews from 2006”

  1. great!! :D thank you very much! i love the video of ShowBuzz, with Flushed Away! lol!

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