2007 Jul 21

‘Jude’ – widescreen captures

I got my new copy of Jude early this week and it’s widescreen, so I’ve replaced the old fullscreen captures with new widescreen ones.

• Jude: DVD Screen captures – Movie

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  1. @ Kim
    The thing is, most sites nowadays take over 1,000 caps from a 2-hour film because they want to see quantity on their galleries. Taking caps is an easy to increase the number of your gallery pics, but they forget about quality at the same time. So, a lot of caps means: repetitive images (taking one of the person looking down, then another with the person in the same position but looking up, etc) and some in bad quality (like, you see the person is moving). I try to avoid that here because I’m not after numbers to fill up my gallery.
    If you watch the movie and then take a look at all the captures I made you’ll see that I took caps from all the scenes without exaggeration. ;)

  2. Oh thank you for the explenation:) Dont mind my humble opinion btw:PI dont know nothing about these thingsLOL:D

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