2007 Oct 05

Happy Birthday, Kate!!!

May this day be full of peace and joy!
We hope that all of your birthday wishes come true… Enjoy each moment of this day, because it’s all yours!
May you have a great time today and find happiness in everything you do. :D

Say, what everyone of you is doing to celebrate this day? I’m watching Titanic tonight!

35 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Kate!!!”

  1. Hi lovely Kate I love you so much and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!(L):D
    I hope you have a great time!:D

    xxx Arlette!:D

  2. Hi Kate!:):):):D
    Happy Birthday!! :D:D(L)
    I love you kate:D
    I hope you enjoy your Birthday with all the people you love:D

    Have a great time Kate:D:D:D

    -xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx-(K) Greets Nicolette:D

  3. HI!..i’m watching Titanic..(again!)..and anything else!..and singing happy b-day Kate,’till it drives my family INSANE!!..:)

  4. Hi my Kate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you enjoy your Birthday with all the people you love and I love you Kate Winslet… XD XD XD…

  5. Happy, happy, happy birthday honey, i luve you, you are amazing, grate, smart and beautifull.
    You are Kate Winslet, happy happy birthday to you!!!
    I go to watch Titanic too!!

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