2009 Jan 31

The Beauty Within: An Exclusive Interview with Kate Winslet

When Kate Winslet rang me earlier today, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. A bit of beauty banter? Of course. But the conversation that ensued unveiled a genuine heart and sense of purpose below the striking exterior of  this  Lancome spokesmodel.

Though still in her early 30s, Kate’s sage-like qualities resounded over the phone. With all the awards she’s been winning and is nominated for, you’d think she’d be a little less grounded, not so.

Click this link for a reality check from one of the most influential- and naturally gorgeous- heroines of our time.

So then it’s safe to assume that you’re comfortable with being a “body image hero”?

Yes, yes. Very much so.

Do you watch yourself in your films? Is it hard to see yourself on screen?

I don’t watch myself, no. I always see [my films] once when they come out, but I don’t sit and avidly watch them. I do find it a bit strange.

SOURCE:  Beautymaverick.com