2009 Feb 07

Winslet fires back over Jolie gaffe

After winning the best actress and best supporting actress awards at the Golden Globes, poor Kate Winslet faced a slew of criticism because she forgot to mention Angelina Jolie in her thank-you speech.

During her speech, the overwhelmed actress congratulated her fellow nominees by name and ended up drawing a blank on Jolie, overlooking the Changeling star completely.

Winslet can’t believe her speech has been savaged by critics.

“It’s the one thing that has surprised me about this thing of winning awards; I thought that people just reviewed the films. I didn’t realize that they reviewed speeches, too,” the Revolutionary Road and The Reader star said.

“I don’t tend to read reviews of things, but when people are reviewing a speech and being somewhat unkind about it, well, what can you say?”

The actress concluded by giving her apologies in hopes she will be left alone.

“Look, I wasn’t prepared at all. I really didn’t think I was going to win and I was genuinely overwhelmed. I’m sorry.”

Source: contactmusic.com

9 Comments on “Winslet fires back over Jolie gaffe”

  1. I don’t like Angelina Jolie but I think that Kate would not do this on purpose that she forget her name….I think she was to nervous and to happy that she won the golden globe.

  2. I simply adore Kate’s GGs speeches…so emotional and real..!I don’t understand the press..ok she’s forgotten a name..who cares? she’s won two important awards for her work and she was overwhelmed..it’s a crime? My god it’s unbelievable that she must apologize for it…

  3. What an awful people. She has got to forgive about that ¿?¿?!!! Incredible. Simply incredible…. She didn’t forget the name. She named Jolie at last. She only has a moment of “white mind”. Again…awful people :( I’m still surprised because she has got to say “forgive me”. Unbelieable :(

  4. Ok, so she forgot her name … at first! She ended up remembering her name and saying it as well! How can they say “overlooking the Changeling star completely.”???! Or did I watch something different?

  5. Not. It is absurd. Kate mentioned Angelina, she addressed to Jolie by name and said words of regret at the beginning of her speech. For me it is enough. The press has always been seeking for reason , even a bit, to make a scandal.

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