2009 Jan 12

Kate Wins …

In Sunday’s Golden Globes, Kate wins the Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for The Reader.

Also the Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture for Revolutionary Road.

– Said she was “shocked” as she had “a habit of not winning things”.
More news to follow

SOURCE:  BBC Ceefax, Sky News

18 Comments on “Kate Wins …”

  1. Man I already knew it!! I´m so proud of you kate even more than I was already !!! That´s my girl!!!

  2. I was expecting her to win the Supporting Actress GG – But I was NOT expecting that Best Actress GG win! I think I was just as shocked as she was!

    She’s definitely not used to winning the poor darling. I feel so proud and happy for her. Can’t wait for the Oscar nominations to be announced.

    Note: Both of her speeches can’t be found on youtube.com!

  3. Yeeeah !
    So happy for her ! She deserves it !
    Waiting for the Oscars (i hope she’ll win too)

  4. i think i wanna cry…my gosh!!! kate did it.im so happy. i’ve been nervous since the other day…

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