2009 Jan 12

Congrats, Kate!!!

• Award Shows: 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards: TNT’s Red Carpet Interview
• Award Shows: 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards: Best Supporting Actress Speech
• Award Shows: 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards: Best Actress Speech
• Award Shows: 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards: Press Room Interview

Check back later for pics!

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  1. Kate !!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You know you deserve it soooo much. Thank you to you for your work. Take care and…now, go to the Oscar!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  2. It was incredible! I couldn’t stop crying! And the kisses that Leo blew to her – adorable!

  3. SHE DID IT!!!Two Golden Globes Awards!!!Our Kate finally won!Oh My Gоd!!!I’m so happy about it!I’m so excited and overjoyed!She really deserved it!Her speech was so touching…and they were so adorable together with Leo!Congratulations,Kate!You’re absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for the videos!Love you,people!

  4. FINALLY! I’m so happy she won and felt such a relief of not having to anticipate during 3hours because hers was the first win of the night, lol. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep not knowing who would win Best Actress and my God, my heart can rest now — she’s so deserving.

  5. Her speeches were so long but I forgive her, that was just 5 speeches combined into one (or should I say 7 speeches) from her other 5 noms! I’m so happy for her, but I wonder if this is just some sort of consolation prize because she might not win an Oscar for either performances.

    Sigourney Weaver won 2 Golden Globes in 1988 (Gorillas in the Mist, Working Girl). She lost both awards on Oscar night to Jodie Foster and Geena Davis. Weaver was the favorite in Supporting.

    I don’t wanna jinx it though :/ but just to show you can’t be too confident about this and have high hopes, although everyone should at least acknowledge Supp. Actress for The Reader as a shoe-in for an Oscar win. You can’t deny the effort it must have taken her.

  6. I am so happy for Kate to win, her speeches were amazing and really touching, I know they were long but she really deserved it. I can’t wait to see the pictures. She looked stunning last night and so did Leo. I really hope she wins the Oscar she really deserves it.

  7. as i opened the newspaper (and it is a small one an not popular in any way) and then i saw Kate in a big pisture with the golden globe the tears started to come to my eyes. I was so happy for her… Kate you did a great job… and my first thing i did was checking out the news on katewinsletfan.com…..

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