2009 Feb 05

Winslet Pragmatic About 6th Oscar Try

BERLIN (AP) — Kate Winslet says she is prepared to leave this year’s Oscar ceremony as she has five times in the past — without a golden statue.

“I’m so used to it, having gone through it before and having lost so many times,” Winslet says. “Being in that losing state is something I’m much more comfortable in, in a funny kind of a way.”

Winslet was at the Berlin Film Festival Thursday for a screening of “The Reader,” the Holocaust-themed drama that earned her a best-actress nomination.

In January, she won best supporting actress for that performance at the Golden Globes, as well as best dramatic actress for her role in “Revolutionary Road.”

“I’ve been lucky so far, and if that’s it, then that’s fine,” Winslet said. “I think that’s the attitude you have to take.”

Source: wbko.com