2010 Nov 21

Kate Winslet splits from boyfriend, model Louis Dowler

The Revolutionary Road actress — who separated from her film director husband Sam Mendes in March — has reportedly called time on her romance with male model Louis Dowler after just four months of dating.

Despite being “very grateful” to the 35-year-old hunk for allowing her to get over the breakdown of her marriage, Kate is said to have ended the relationship to “concentrate on her career and children”.

A friend of the star told MailOnline: “Louis was just the tonic Kate needed after her painful split from Sam and they had a wonderful time.

However, they have realized their relationship isn’t working and Kate needs space to be on her own.

“She is very grateful to Louis for helping her pick her life back up after her marriage ended and they had a lot of fun together, but she felt it had come to an end and wants to concentrate on her career and children.”

Prior to the split, Kate — who has a six-year-old son Joe with Sam, as well as ten-year-old Mia from her first marriage to director Jim Threapleton — had reportedly been contemplating marriage with the British model.

A pal recently said: “As far as Kate is concerned, they could go all the way together — get married, have kids. She’s the happiest we’ve ever seen her, he really brings out a wonderful, carefree side to her that we haven’t seen for years.”

Source: TVNZ

8 Comments on “Kate Winslet splits from boyfriend, model Louis Dowler”

  1. :/ Sad…they were Really cute together!
    But VERY happy to know “she felt it had come to an end and wants to concentrate on her career and children.”
    I love you Kate!

  2. I agree with Victoria this is sad news. Kate you put everything into your work and we all know how much you are always there for your kids.
    Im sure things will get better, and we all love you out here!

  3. As the forum is down at present I just thought Id add about this that the press is making much too much of it. It cant be easy for Kate right now dealing with this and the press too. I hope they leave her alone. So sorry about this Kate!!

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