2011 Mar 07

Winslet: “I am happy without a man”

Kate Winslet has spoken for the first time about her split from Sam Mendes, calling her single status “empowering” and insisting she is not “lonely”.

The Titanic star announced the end of her relationship with the filmmaker, her second husband, last March after nearly seven years of wedlock.

Winslet, who was linked to male model Louis Dowler after the separation, has now broken her silence about the breakdown of her marriage to Mendes, revealing she is embracing life as a single mum-of-two.

She tells Vogue magazine, “(It’s an) empowering thing… Experiencing those moments of being alone… is a very, very weird flooring and exposing position to be in when you’re just not used to it. And it’s not just being in a relationship. It’s also the fact that I grew up in a family full of people. I’ve never been lonely. And with (kids) Mia and Joe that remains the case.

“But to be in this place now where I can say I really like this space. I really need to not have anyone around. It’s a surprise to discover that I like being on my own.”

Winslet was previously married to Jim Threapleton, her daughter Mia’s dad, but they divorced in 2001.

Source: Yahoo! News UK

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  1. What she says about her kids is so true! Even though she doesn’t have a boyfriend or husband, it doesn’t mean she’s alone because she will always be a mum to her kids. They’ll always be together. I can understand it might feel weird to her especially coming from a big family.

  2. Definitely better for Kate’s career being without a man. She is a gorgious and there are men all over the world who would love to meet her in a dream and know she’s available.

    Thanks for being Rose for us Kate. You are simply beautiful.

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