2009 Jan 22

The 2009 Oscar Nominations

Kate has been nominated for BEST Actress for her role in The Reader

The Reader is up for two Awards, Best Picture and Best Director for Stephen Daldry.

Kate is sharing the BEST Actress Nomination with Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Melissa Leo.

SOURCE: Sky News / BBC News

10 Comments on “The 2009 Oscar Nominations”

  1. Great!!!! I’m very happy for Kate! Too bad about RR, but see it like that: Golden Globe for RR and Oscar for The Reader!!!

  2. Yeah, I was surprised when I see that the Academy only has nominated her for one film. I though that this year she could have two nominations for this two amaizing films. All in all, hoping that the fantastic Gondel Globe’s night could have continuation in February 22th ;) GO KATE!

  3. Thank God Kate got a nom! It’s really bad that Leo didn’t get one! Where was he on the nominee list? And Sam? And RR for Best Picture? If Kate doesn’t win I will lose all faith in the Academy Awards.

  4. I am also surprised at only one nomination; there is no question that she deserves for both films. I am also surprised that Leo didn’t receive. The costumes were great.

  5. Congratulation Kateeee!!!!!! Absolutely the best of all others actress nomenees…gooooo dear!!!!!! ^__^

  6. kate has more of a chance now that she’s nominated for only one. the votes won’t split otherwise..

  7. Tough competition with Meryl, and since there’s been a lot of buzz for Anne Hathaway (if Reese Witherspoon got one, possibilities are pretty wide) I’ll try not to get my hopes up. I’m kind of mad Leo got snubbed and Brad Pitt got one (Benjamin Button was good, but his role/acting didn’t was just average).

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