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Birthday Project: Part II

Status: Closed

Our very first Birthday Project to Kate was a success! People from all over the world participated and contributed with the most creative stuff you could ever imagine.
The messages will be sent as “snail mail”. I’ll gather everything together and put into a CD and send it to Kate’s fanmail address. We have high hopes that she will receive it.

I would like to thank the following people for making it so big and great:

– Shara G.
– Carles Salafranca Porcar
– Sarah Ponchard
– Maiya Stevenson
– Amal Nasir
– Adwoa
– Clayr
– Ornella Márquez
– Sandra
– Diyar Khorshid
– Kevin Martin
– Ea Velling
– Aspa Margariti
– Jana McEvoy
– Alex Allred
– Dorothea Zarsky
– Letitia Schleehauf
– Ria
– Liana
– Stacie
– Emmaline Collings
– Theodora Bakirtzi
– Fernando
– Hannah Dalgleish
– Louise
– Anabel
– Anette
– Cristina
– Audrey Mapes
– Ester
– Annie Pinnow
– Sanna
– Alisha
– Katee
– Blair
– Ana Catarina Santos
– Valeria Schuster
– Gemma
– Alan Yi
– Jessica Kemna
– Bibiana
– Britt
– Juliana Rodrigues Silveira
– Erica Payne
– María José
– Alyson Curtis

16 Comments on “Birthday Project: Part II

  1. I’m the second!!! Yeah!!!! Thank you very much Roberta for your idea . . I hope that Kate enjoy it!!!

  2. yay! my name’s there!!! well you’re very welcome && i really hope Kate reads them all =)

  3. Yay, how fantastic that so many participated! She should love it to bits I’d imagine! :D

  4. Thanks heaps for organising this…I hope she does get it. Thankyou for giving us this chance :)

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