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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rose Dawson from Titanic and one of the prettiest actress in the tinsel world Kate Winslet has had an eventful year so far. 2010 has been a mixed year as she found herself picking up double Golden Globes for The Reader and the Revolutionary Road but also got separated from her husband Sam Mendes.

After weeks of agony, however, now she has found comfort in the shoulders of model Louis Dowler. The duo have been all over each other as they get spotted walking arm in arm anywhere and everywhere.

Now the buzz is that Kate is contemplating walking the aisle with him and also have her own kids. But will she find bliss in marriage this time around?

Apparently, she is in deep love with Dowler and reportedly, is also keen to have him move to Chicago where she will be filming for Contagion. She has no intention of staying away from him and clearly doesn’t desire a long distance relationship.

Dowler is good looking and caring. He has certainly been instrumental in wiping her tears and ushering back the playful smile on her face. There is no reason why she shouldn’t find ecstasy and bliss if she ties the knot with him. Hopefully, this romance shall be an undying one…

Source: Newspost Online

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Added even more pics from the exhibition of Mario Testino’s work in Madrid last week:

• Other Appearances: Mario Testino and Vanity Fair Presents “Todo o Nada” Exhibition – September 20

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Kate Winslet is so happy with her new boyfriend she believes the pair could get married and have children together in the future.

The 34-year-old actress has completely fallen for male model Louis Dowler, who is also 34, and has been contemplating their future together.

A friend told Britain’s Grazia magazine: “As far as Kate is concerned, they could go all the way together — get married, have kids. She’s the happiest we’ve ever seen her, he really brings out a wonderful, carefree side to her that we haven’t seen for years.”

Kate separated from her film director husband Sam Mendes after almost seven years of marriage in March and the break-up reportedly hit her hard.

But Louis — who started dating the Revolutionary Road star in July — has brought a smile back to the Oscar winner’s face and she has never been happier.

A source said: “It wasn’t that long ago that Kate was heartbroken. But we’re all so happy to see her back to herself — and looking sensational.”

It was recently reported that Kate had asked Louis to live with her while she films her new movie Contagion in Chicago, because she doesn’t want to have a long distance relationship with him.

A source said: “They have discussed the idea of Louis going with her while she films so they won’t have to endure a long-distance relationship at such an early stage in what seems to be something pretty serious.”

The British screen beauty currently lives in New York’s Greenwich Village with her two children, six-year-old son Joe, whose father is Sam, and her nine-year-old daughter Mia from her relationship with ex-husband Jim Threapleton.

Source: Contactmusic News

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Kate Winslet has been quick to respond to the sad news that the woman who shared the role of Titanic survivor Rose in the hit 1997 movie has died, calling 100-year-old actress Gloria Stuart “a remarkable woman”.

Stuart passed away on Sunday (26Sep10) at her Los Angeles home after years of ill health and Winslet admits she’s “saddened” by the news.

A statement from the British star reads, “I am so saddened to hear of the loss of this remarkable woman. I feel blessed to have met her, known her, and to have acted alongside her.

“Anyone who spent time in her presence will know what an extraordinary shining light she truly was. She will be deeply missed.”

Source: Contactmusic News

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You guys have one week to submit your entries for the Birthday Project. You may submit simple birthday wishes, links to a video inspired by Kate, poems, drawings or whatever you want.

Click on the image below to submit your message and don’t forget to include your name, age and country.

– Go to https://kate-winslet.net/specials/bday10/
– Click on “Submit”
– If you’re having troubles, just send an e-mail to roberta@kate-winslet.net with the subject “Kate Winslet Fan | Birthday Project” with your message
– That’s it!

This page will be sent to Kate’s publicist on October 1st (that’s the deadline for sending messages) in hopes of Kate viewing it herself.

Let’s show Kate how much we love her by making this tribute to this wonderful woman! :D

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Hold onto your seats you lucky little lesbians! It has just been announced that hot mama Jodie Foster and sexpot Kate Winslet have signed on to star in Roman Polanski’s adaptation of Yasmina Reza’s Tony Award-winning play God of Carnage.

Playing alongside Foster and Winslet are Inglorious Basterds star Christoph Waltz and Crash star Matt Dillon. Waltz and Dillon will star as the ladies’ husbands.

God of Carnage tells the tale of two sets of marriages in trouble when their children become involved in a fight at school and all sides are forced to take a good look at their own parenting skills.

The New York Times stated while referring to the Broadway version of Carnage, “As rum replaces coffee and outer garments are removed, sides of combat blur. The men gang up on the women, the women gang up on the men, and the husbands and wives wind up, briefly, changing partners.”

Hmm. Changing partners. Jodie Foster. Kate Winslet. We’ll let you have a moment to consider the options available.

Since Polanski is not allowed to legally enter the United States due to his legal woes in a child molestation case going back to 1977, the Academy Award-winning director will shoot the film in France. Paris will be the backdrop for the stars starting this February. It has been reported that filming will last around 12 weeks mark. The original location in the script called for the story’s location to be in Brooklyn, New York.

God of Carnage originally ran on Broadway in 2009 for a total of 452 performances and starred James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeff Daniels and Hope Davis in the roles now being portrayed by Foster, Winslet, Waltz and Dillon. The Broadway show won a total of three Tony Awards.

Source: SheWired.com

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Kate Winslet has founded a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating barriers for people with autism around the world. Compelled during her narration of a documentary titled A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back to Autism, about a young Icelandic boy named Keli living with autism, Winslet became motivated to make a difference. Upon meeting Keli’s mother, Margret, Winslet was deeply moved by her far-reaching journey to find a way for her nonverbal son to learn to communicate. Her experience motivated the establishment of the Golden Hat Foundation. “The Golden Hat” was the title of a poem written by 12-year-old Keli Thorsteinsson.

The mission of the Golden Hat Foundation is the establishment of innovative living communities that offer people with autism the opportunity to learn to communicate effectively, receive an education, job training and enjoy recreational activities, all within a supportive social network. When given a suitable education and the means to communicate effectively, people with autism can truly realize their dreams.

The Golden Hat has partnered with Virgin Unite, the non-profit foundation of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. To support the cause, donations can be made online at www.goldenhatfoundation.org and www.virginunite.com/goldenhat.

“After watching the film A Mother’s Courage with my daughter one day, she turned to me and asked, ‘What if I wasn’t able to talk to you mummy?'” said Golden Hat Foundation director and founder, Kate Winslet. “As I thought about what that meant, for a mother not to be able to talk with her own child, I realized that I had to lend my voice to raise awareness of this rapidly increasing disorder.”

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Added scans from Chinese Vogue, which also has a brand new and gorgeous photoshoot!

• Magazines: Vogue China – October 2010

Edit: Replaced the scans with better quality ones! :)