2011 Mar 22

Kate Winslet donates her couture to charity at fundraising gala

Kate Winslet attended a fundraising dinner for homeless charity Cardboard Citizens in London over the weekend, and ended up offering the dress she was wearing up for auction.

Winslet, 35, wore a lovely frock by French designer Max Chaoul for the gala, held at Christ Church in Spitalfields, before donating it to the charity, reports the Daily Mail.

The Revolutionary Road star looked gorgeous in the knee-length dress with rose appliqué and a black satin sash.

With swept back hair, fresh make-up and simple black peep-toe heels, Kate let the couture take center stage in order to attract high bids.

Source: DNA India

2 Comments on “Kate Winslet donates her couture to charity at fundraising gala”

  1. This was such a wonderful, touching thing to do by Kate. With all the unfortunate things that have been happening in the world espically over the last month in New Zealand and Japan This and all the things Kate does is so great!!

  2. Kate is very suitable white) And anyway, I love her in any color )))))))) Well done!

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