2008 Jun 07

New video + old interview (better version) with screen captures

Found a better version of Kate on Parkinson on October of 2006. So I took screen captures and added the video to the archives. Also, since Kate tells what happened in a French talk show on Parkinson, I deided to upload that video as well. It’s kinda disgusting, but funny. :P

• Television/Talk Shows: Parkinson – October 28, 2006

• Other TV Shows: Le Grand Journal – 2006
• Interviews: Parkinson – October 28, 2006

9 Comments on “New video + old interview (better version) with screen captures”

  1. God She is SOOO funny in the french interview! I love it! I wonder what the letter actually said for her to act that way… watch it and see her face and when she grabs her necklace!


  2. Oh gosh! Thank you SO much for posting the french video! I have no idea what’s being said, but I’ve been wanting to see this video since I saw her talk about it on David Letterman. SO HILARIOUS!!

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