2008 Jun 06

Contest winner and answers!

Congratulations to Juan, the winner of the Summer contest! He’ll be receiving:

• 1 Jude DVD fullscreen edition (region 2)
• 1 All The King’s Men DVD widecreen edition (region 1)

Click the link below to know the answers to the contest questions.

1. What language is Kate’s character in Heavenly Creatures good at?

2. For how long had Iris been in love with Jasper before she decides to swap houses with Amanda in The Holiday?
3 years

3. What was Kate doing when she got the call about being cast in Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures?
She was making a pastrami sandwich at the deli where she worked

4. How did Kate and her husband Sam Mendes meet?
They had a meeting to discuss the possibility of working together

5. What were Kate’s favorite books as a child?
Enid Blyton’s trilogy “The Enchanted Wood”, “The Magic Faraway Tree” and “The Folk of the Faraway Tree”

6. When talking about rehearsing for Holy Smoke, Kate revealed that director Jane Campion wanted her and co-star Harvey Keitel to act in a dramatic, yet unusual scene. What were they supposed to do?
Kate was supposed to calm Harvey down, who was playing an injured dog. He even had to howl!

7. What is the one thing Kate says she’s really good at when it comes to acting (and which she did in a scene of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)?
Pretend she has just woken up

8. “Hate’s no fun if you keep it to yourself” is a quote from which of Kate’s films?
The Life of David Gale

9. What was Kate’s first paying acting job and how old was she at the time?
A commercial for Sugar Puffs, aged 11

10. Out of her filmography, what movie does Kate consider to be her favorite?
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

6 Comments on “Contest winner and answers!”

  1. Congrats to Juan!!
    How did he find q°7??? I spent ages looking for this one!!! Anyways, congrats^^

    When is the next contest?

  2. The answer for question 10. was not correct, because Kate claims, that she wasn’t the little girl on that commercial, and she does not know how it is. Her first role was not in that commercial therefore.

  3. That was question 9
    It is correct: kate did make that sugar puffs commercial (she had to dance with the monster, tee heeee^^). But once on a show they surprised her by showing a commercial which was shot with another girl. She did not immediately tell that the girl wasn’t her because she did not want the reporter to be embarrassed and fired. Now she has of course revealed that it wasn’t her on the video, but she did work for that commercial…

  4. Congratulation Juan! :D

    LoL…I didn’t understand the last question, I thought “Out of her filmography” means…what’s her fav. movie WITHOUT her…

  5. Congrats Juan? How did you find question 7?! I spent AGES looking for this one. Congrats on your prizes! They’ll be super!

    @Simon: It means what’s her favourite film that she’s made. :)

  6. @My dearest Yasmin: hey you just repeated what I said! From now on your nickname will be MissParrot LOL^^

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