2008 Jan 27

More informations about “The Reader”

I just read a German article which explains that there hasn’t been a statement yet — neither one which tells that she takes the role nor one which tells she takes it not. They say it’s going to be official in the end of January, so we don’t have to wait that long until everything is cleared up.By the way, first shooting dates for Kate (if she takes the role) are going to be in early March in Görlitz and in the middle of March in Bonn.I translated it and I hope it’s not too germanized and you are able to understand it. Of course it’s not a word to word translation but the meaning is still the same. ;)Speculations which said that the British actress Kate Winslet should play the character of Hanna Schmitz have neither been confirmed nor have been denied yet.
It’s only becoming more excited if the new leading role is casted certainly and if she’s most likely going to come to the set in March to Görlitz. Until now there aren’t any concrete dates, confesses Bensch. He expects that the fact who will be the film partner of the German young actor David Kross is going to be decided until the end of January.

Source: Ani from the forums and LVZ-Online

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