2011 Jun 25

Kate Winslet: “Mildred Pierce was like Titanic”

Kate Winslet has claimed that working on HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce was as grueling an experience as filming scenes for Titanic.

The Oscar-winning actress, who stars in the drama alongside Mare Winningham and Guy Pearce, said that the five-part project was her most challenging role since the record-breaking 1997 blockbuster.

Winslet is quoted by the Belfast Telegraph as saying: “It was like doing two-and-a-half films in 16 weeks. I think this was so much harder than any film project I’ve done since Titanic.”

Meanwhile, the show’s director Todd Haynes revealed that Winslet was the one actress he envisioned in the role: “I had never met Kate, but I could not get her out of my mind while I was reading [the book]. She was the only actress I could see playing the part.”

Co-star Evan Rachel Wood claimed that Winslet, who reportedly did not want her breasts on show in the drama, said: “She coached me through my first nude scene. I mean, she’s done it all and was literally next to the camera going [thumbs up].”

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. From the side it also seems that “Mildred Pierce” complex film. I think it’s because the picture is very emotional, especially the role of Kate.
    Perhaps that’s why it was difficult to work on the film.

  2. I agree Swetlana, Mildred Pierce was a very complex charchter like Hanna in The Reader but whether it was the tv differnce or the charchter I’m not sure. Ive heard Kate describe how hard Titanic was to film all those hard physical water scences and how cold it was, it sounded awful.

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