2008 Sep 14

KWF needs you!

Dear visitors and fans,

Since I’ve got a new job starting my own business now, I won’t have the time nor the money to run this site all by myself anymore. Therefore, I’m looking for a dedicated person who can afford to help me run KWF.

If you’re interested, you must:

– Be familiar with HTML/PHP
– Know how to use WordPress
– Be familiar with Photoshop
– Have some spare time to dedicate to the site
– Do a lot of research to find new stuff about Kate
– Have PayPal
– Have a scanner
– Have a similar ‘work ethics’ to mine
– Be able to acquire magazines, pictures, DVDs, clippings, etc., meaning you’re willing to buy them.

Please send your e-mail to roberta@kate-winslet.net saying why you should be the new webmaster on KWF.

Thank you,

I would like to welcome Richard as the new co-web here at KWF!!! He will be helping with posting news and scans. :D

2 Comments on “KWF needs you!”

  1. I really want to help you but I would be terrible! I can’t afford magazines, pictures, DVDs, clippings, etc, I don’t have photoshop and what is wordpress!? lol

    I hope you’ll find somebody that’ll do the same great job that you do :)

    Congratulations on your own business!


  2. I would absolutely love to help. I can code using HTML and CSS and I could study PHP I have done basic PHP before. I don’t own photoshop and I can’t afford to buy pictures/keep the site running. I am willing though to research updates on Kate. I don’t know what WordPress is. Does it work on a mac? I would be willing to work with other people too please email me with any more info. I would love to help/donate.

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