2007 Aug 15

Contest answers and winner!

Congratulations to Ea, the winner of this contest! She’ll be receiving:

• Holy Smoke R1 DVD (widescreen)

Click the link below to know the answers to the contest questions.

1. In Heavenly Creatures, Juliet has to pick a French name to use in class, which name does she choose?

2. Where does Clementine work in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind?
Barnes & Noble

3. Which word, according to Joel, Clementine couldn’t say right in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind?

4. What film does Iris pick up from Amanda’s DVD collection in The Holiday?
Punch-Drunk Love

5. What’s the name of Iris’ cottage in The Holiday?
Rosehill Cottage

6. What book do the “sisters group” discuss in Little Children?
Madame Bovary

7. What career does Rose follow as she grew older in Titanic?

8. What 2005 film did Kate turn down to do Finding Neverland instead?
The Constant Gardener

9. Heavenly Creatures‘ director Peter Jackson offered Kate in a role in his worldwide famous The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Which role was that?

10. Clementine (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind) finds a letter in the beach house. What are the names written on the envelope?
David and Ruth Laskin

6 Comments on “Contest answers and winner!”

  1. apparently I wasn’t the first to do so, but I got them all right, woot! Congrats to Ea!

  2. Congratulations Congratulations to Ea!

    Hope all is well Roberta :) I am currently working on re-building my gallery (remember I lost it … :() and it’s taking quite some time but hey, what won’t I do for my site? I will also soon have a layout up made by Frederik, who made yours soo ^^ How are you? Hope to chat to you soon ;) Take care dear!

  3. HI!nice contest!!!
    But I have to say that question number 8 isn’t correct. Finding Neverland was shot in the summer 2002, while Constant gardner was shot march 2004..so she turn it down to do Romance and cigarettes (which was shot in april 2004). i know that imdb had it wrong too..;-)

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