2009 Jan 20

Kate wows at London premiere

Eleven years after Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were back on the red carpet together last night, for the London premiere of their new movie, Revolutionary Road.

Continuing the fashion transformation — in which we’ve seen her hemlines soar and style get slinkier — Winslet looked radiant, wowing in a Narcisco Rodriguez little black dress and a towering pair of five-inch heels by Roger Vivier.

And though she was flashing some serious flesh, the actress still braved the cold, to sign fans’ autographs for over an hour, before heading into the cinema.

Speaking to reporters, the co-stars, who have remained friends since their epic first film, had nothing but praise for each other, with Winslet calling DiCaprio “the greatest actor of his generation.”

Meanwhile of Winslet, he told the Daily Mail, “We have been a great support mechanism for each other. We both started when we were young and have always been great friends ever since Titanic. We have always been there for each other.”

• Awards & Galas: Revolutionary Road London Premiere – January 18

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6 Comments on “Kate wows at London premiere”

  1. Thanks for the pictures….. but at some Pictures she looks a little bit tired and sick…. or am i wrong?

  2. @ Roberta
    I just wanna say
    Thanks for all your work on this page you do a great job
    Yeah nearly everybody is sick me too… this sucks….but also a celebrity like kate can get sick one time… it’s normal but not nice to see

  3. I think she’s just wearing minimal make-up and the winter cold against your face…Kim, hat off to Kate! :)

  4. I think Kate is always so gorgeous and classy, but I really don’t like her dress and make up this time. It seems like her face is too white and pale and the dress isn’t really flattering. Where is her signature beam? But maybe, as you mentioned, she was sick?

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