2009 Jan 19

Winslet’s Method Acting Struggle

KATE WINSLET was so focused on accurately portraying her character in The Reader she struggled to return to day-to-day life after filming wrapped.
The actress plays a former Nazi concentration camp guard in the post-war drama, and put all her emotions into the intense role.
And Winslet, whose performance in the film won her a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe last week (11Jan09), admits it took months for her to bid farewell to the character.
She says, “It’s like I’ve escaped from a serious car accident and need to understand what has just happened.
“When I leave a character, I have to analyse the trance through which I have just passed. It can take me several months to say goodbye to them.”
And she has credited her filmmaker husband Sam Mendes with helping her back to reality: “My husband is a fantastic support. He knows when to leave me alone with a cup of tea and a pack of cigs, and, if I break down in tears, he takes me in his arms. He knows that I have to go through all that in order to ‘come back’.”

SOURCE:  ContactMusic.com

3 Comments on “Winslet’s Method Acting Struggle”

  1. omg her american journalist at the end was sooo adorable!!! im so happy she finally won it is so well deserved and such a long time coming!! fingers crossed for the Oscars!!!

  2. Well, this is the performance of Kate. This is her most intense role yet as well as the most erotic. Not a moment we felt she was acting. It was as if she was living the role. I’m a hard guy, very tough and macho, but this movie made me cry, Kate made me cry, this movie has touched me deep inside and it stayed for days. My wife was so shocked that i was so shaken with such a movie. Kate, You’re simply the best actress in the world. This movie made me realise one thing: Forgive before it’s too late.
    Thanks Kate- God Bless you a million times. I’m your biggest fan now-i’m downloading all your movies- Iris, Spotless mind, quills, heavenly creatures. I want to see more and more of you.
    Never leave us kate as long as i’m alive- i’ll want to see a kate winslet’s movie every year.

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