2010 Jun 23

Kate Winslet tipped to play Natascha Kampusch

Kate Winslet could be bringing the story of Austrian kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch to the big screen, according to reports.

It is rumoured that the Oscar-winning actress is in talks to play Natascha, who was abducted by Wolfgang Priklopil while walking home from school, and then held captive in his cellar for eight years.

She escaped in 2006, and Priklopil swiftly committed suicide by throwing himself under a train.

The flick already has a director – Bernd Eichinger – while Christoph Waltz is rumoured to be in line to play Priklopil. Winslet is being tipped as the hot favourite for the lead, despite being 12 years older that 22-years-old Natascha.

Speaking to thee Austrian Times, Kampusch revealed that she was supporting the project, explaining: ‘Many kind letters convinced me to pursue plans to turn my story into a film.’

Source: Marie Claire

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  1. Oh wow! i would LOVE it if she was doing another film! its been way too long! Age schmage.. Kate can play anything.

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