2010 Mar 29

Kate Winslet is inspired by Jodie Foster

Kate and Jodie The Oscar-winning actress was deeply affected by Jodie’s 1988 movie The Accused, in which she portrays a woman who is raped.

Jodie won a best actress Oscar for her portrayal of Sarah Tobias, and Kate says the film was what made her want to become an actress.

The Accused just completely shattered me,” she explained. “I remember watching that film and thinking, ‘Now I understand what acting is.’ I realized that acting does not really exist because you don’t act. What you do is just be. And I feel like Jodie taught me that through her work.”

Kate and Jodie first met at the 1996 Golden Globe Awards, when Kate introduced herself to Jodie. Since then, they have always made time for each other at such ceremonies, and have become friends.

Jodie respects Kate greatly, admitting she thinks she thoroughly deserved her 2008 Oscar for The Reader. “Since we first met we’ve had a couple of minutes backstage at events where we’re all dressed up and trying to get our girdles in line,” Jodie told the British edition of InStyle magazine. “But I have to say, Kate’s performance in The Reader really touched me. There was so much beauty to the character, but she also had a coarseness. As a director, I love seeing somebody on screen where I feel like I’m behind her eyes and that’s how I felt watching it.”

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  1. thats interesting to know, because thats how i feel about kate lol its cool that kate got to meet one of her inspirations!

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