2007 Dec 15

Kate Winslet in InStyle Survey

InStyle UK is running a survey asking people what they think is the most stylish female film costume. It starts on Tuesday 1st January with The English Patient and ends on Sunday 13th January with Marie Antoinette. One of the costumes featured in this survey is Kate’s costume from the film Titanic.

How to vote: Click the following link, tick the radio button below Kate’s photo and press enter on your keyboard. You can only vote once, so please spread the word about this survey!


Thanks to Sam Hall from InStyle UK for letting us know!

Christmas Edition Contest: You had until today to send me your answers to the third KWF contest. Tomorrow I will reveal the name of the winner and give you all the right answers.

4 Comments on “Kate Winslet in InStyle Survey”

  1. Kate looked absolutely beautiful in Titanic and I loved all of her dresses and accessories. I hope she wins!!!

  2. I voted! Thank god shes number one! If I didnt love her so much that film and those costumes, i definately would have picked marie antoinette. Those costume are amazing. There almost on the same level as Titanic costumes for me. But Kates wardrobe in that film will always be number one!!!!!

  3. It wouldn’t matter to me if Kate had been wearing a paper bag, she is the most sexiest women there ever was or ever have been.

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