2008 Apr 01

Articles about Kate in Germany

For shooting with Kate Winslet (Titanic) traffic society Görlitz next week puts her timetable on the head. For the filming of Bernhard Schlink’s best-seller The Reader the British actress on the second week-end in March rises in a historical streetcar. “Nothing goes as well as before”, said small farmer with oxen of the Connex Sachsen GmbH (?) on Thursday. He meets by order the VGG the arrangements with the film people. The team around the British director Stephen Daldry takes from the 7th to the 9th March Görlitzer rails in fitting.

The action plays in the post-war German land where 15-year-old pupil Michael Berg falls in love with much older conductor Hanna Schmitz. As a law student he meets her years later in the courtroom again when she sits with a war crimes trial as an earlier concentration camp supervisor on the dock. Kate Winslet and the German up-and-coming actor David Kross crisp show the unequal pair in the film. Ralph Fiennes, Bruno Ganz and Karoline Herfurth belong to the occupation furthermore. (ut/dpa)

Kate Winslet has arrived in Görlitz to shoot Bernhard Schlink’s best-seller The Reader. The British actress replaced her pregnant colleague Nicole Kidman.

The British actress Kate Winslet (Titanic) has come to shooting for the filming of Bernhard Schlink’s best-seller “Der Vorleser” in the Saxon Görlitz. « Yes, she is here », confirmed the speaker of the production company, Linda Gamble, the German press agency DPA on Monday. Gamble did not do other information. National media had already reported on the week-end that the film star has descended at the hotel “cloth doer” in the Old Town. « I cannot confirm this », said Michael Pietsch of the management of the house on Monday on inquiry. Winslet has stepped in for the pregnant Oscar prize winner Nicole Kidman.

Already since weeks details about the international production barely penetrate outwardly, coproducer is the film studio Babel mountain. The team around the British director Stephen Daldry (The Hours, Billy Elliot) turns this week at several places in Görlitz. On the coming week-end the Briton should rise for the shooting in a historical streetcar. The urban traffic society moves in addition for three days her whole timetable.

The action of the “reader” plays in the post-war German land where 15-year-old pupil Michael Berg falls in love with the much older Schmitz. As a law student he meets her years later in the courtroom again when she sits with a war crimes trial on the dock. Film partner of Winslet the German up-and-coming actor David Kross (is “brutal”, “Krabat”). (DPA)

Yesterday, 8.10 o’clock, airport Tegel. Arrival of Hollywood star Kate Winslet (32) with the Continental machine from New York. Outfit: black racketeer’s cap, no make-up, black glasses, brown tweed coat, level tan boots. At the exit of the gate she gives to an autograph hunter and two excited airport employees autographs, then the entourage of the British actress (Titanic) has collected the baggage of the tape. Kate Winslet rises in a black Mercedes R class and already it further goes in the direction of German Polish border.

In the “romanticism of hotel Tuchmacher” in Görlitz Martin Vits and his team wait for the guest. In 1997 Vits had begun with his mother Erika with the restoration and transformation of 1528 built buildings to the hotel. The “cloth doer” is one of the most significant Renaissance town houses in Görlitz. Ambience: brightly painted wooden raftered ceilings from the year 1691, 46 rooms, sauna, fitness space, jacuzzi. Kate Winslet (lives privately in New York and London) lives in the “cloth doer” in the “Renaissance suite” equipped with red design pieces of furniture. At the small, fine hotel members of the “readers” – film crew had already resided in September of the last year.

The team encloses 120 men around director Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot, The Hours). After Nicole Kidman had had to call off the leading role of the Hannah Schmitz because of her pregnancy, the originally intended Kate Winslet came into play by the extension of deadline again. Novelist Bernhard Schlink had the occupation compared with this newspaper with “Kate Winslet wonderfully fits” commented. Kate Winslet, by birth from Reading (Great Britain), will stand during the coming days under others with the German Jung’s actor David Kross (17, takes over the role of young Michael Berg) before the camera in The Reader. Until crisp plays after a fall with an arm injury (we reported).

It is turned in Görlitz which more and more film-makers love

On Saturday became in the houses in which the film apartments were furnished by Hannah Schmitz and Michael Berg’s parents (Landskron-and Jacobstrasse), done test shots, on Sunday Winslet in the set is expected. Yesterday caravans, technology equipment, stream car and Cateringzelte of the film crew were to be seen. Eight weeks was already turned for the Hollywood production, about six other weeks should follow, with shooting in Berlin (field recordings) and in Cologne (studio).

The Reader is not the first film production which was turned in Görlitz. As a scenery Görlitz has already served for ZDF productions like “the architect” and “Karol Wojtyla” as well as for the Hollywood stripe in “80 Days Around the World” with Jackie Chan. Why the town is so attractively for film-makers: In Görlitz there are the countless buildings which stand under conservation of monuments and historic buildings under it whole streets of houses. Kate Winslet remains probably up to the coming week-end in Görlitz.

From the 7th March the Görlitzer hope to be able to throw a look at Winslet as a streetcar conductor. Then she should go with a historical tram from the year 1926 which stands already in the depot on the place Demiani vorbeirollen. For it numerous tram and bus lines are diverted in Görlitz. Already five times Kate Winslet was nominated in the course of her career for the Oscar. Maybe it works now with the Film The Reader.

Source: Cheryl for translating the articles (1, 2 and 3)