2010 Sep 29

Kate Winslet: Can she find bliss in marriage to Louis Dowler?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rose Dawson from Titanic and one of the prettiest actress in the tinsel world Kate Winslet has had an eventful year so far. 2010 has been a mixed year as she found herself picking up double Golden Globes for The Reader and the Revolutionary Road but also got separated from her husband Sam Mendes.

After weeks of agony, however, now she has found comfort in the shoulders of model Louis Dowler. The duo have been all over each other as they get spotted walking arm in arm anywhere and everywhere.

Now the buzz is that Kate is contemplating walking the aisle with him and also have her own kids. But will she find bliss in marriage this time around?

Apparently, she is in deep love with Dowler and reportedly, is also keen to have him move to Chicago where she will be filming for Contagion. She has no intention of staying away from him and clearly doesn’t desire a long distance relationship.

Dowler is good looking and caring. He has certainly been instrumental in wiping her tears and ushering back the playful smile on her face. There is no reason why she shouldn’t find ecstasy and bliss if she ties the knot with him. Hopefully, this romance shall be an undying one…

Source: Newspost Online

6 Comments on “Kate Winslet: Can she find bliss in marriage to Louis Dowler?”

  1. I think its great, Ive never seen Kate looking as happy, and for all the kindness and hapiness this wonderful person gives out I hope her new happiness lasts forever, I’m sure it will!!!

  2. yes, why not?…. we as her fans, she wants herself happy together with louis… so we agree that she have a new and everlasting love life/ family…. WE LOVE YOU KATE!!!

    toooooooooo muther fuckin soon!
    love him…. go ahead he’s hot!
    but marry him this soon? NO!

  4. @KateWFan go to your love life kate…. as soon you are happy!…. we are your supporters…. we love you!!

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