2009 Jan 23

Kate: Oscar But No Maid Marian

It’s a war of Kates — or Cates — as the search for Robin Hood’s Maid Marian continues.

I told you the other day about Sienna Miller leaving Nottingham, the Ridley Scott directed feature set to star Russell Crowe. The feeling was that petite, young Miller would seem dwarfed on screen by the older, beefier, Gladiator star.

Now comes word from sources that Kate Winslet, nominated for Best Actress in The Reader, has passed on the role of Maid Marian and the opportunity to spend quality time with Crowe, Scott and pals in the woods.

Source: FOXNews

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3 Comments on “Kate: Oscar But No Maid Marian”

  1. darn i would have loved to see kate and russell work together but i totally understand her wanting to take some time off she definitely deserves it!

  2. Well, maybe the next time. Now, she deserves some time of relax after two performances like these ones ;)

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