2008 Sep 18

Kate looking amazing at LAX airport

• 2008 Candids: At Los Angeles airport – September 17

Dear visitors:

I’m really sorry that many of you are upset by my recent decision of closing the candids section to contributors only. My intention isn’t to punish any of you. I just wanted to motivate and reward those who donated money for the site. I wanted to offer them something special to thank them for helping me out. I’m not trying to be mean. Yes, I’m desperately in need of money, but not to pay for my daily life bills or anything. I need help with keeping this site alive and as complete and updated as possible. I pay for all the HQ photos, magazines, DVDs you see in here. Even though, sometimes, some of them can be seen for free in others sites like one of you pointed out. In the past, I was able to pay for everything myself. I never asked anything from you guys. I could have kept my Kate collection for myself. And yet I wanted to share everything I had and kept buying with other Kate fans. I wasn’t selfish. And I still do share my collection with you! But, right now, I’m not able to keep paying for all the HQs on my own! I apologize for the trouble, but that’s the truth. I hope that you understand where I’m coming from.

Thanks for understanding.

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  1. Roberta, I think we all understand where you are coming from and appreciate all that you do for us by maintaining this site and supplying us with the best HQ pictures of Kate out there. I still believe that you have the best Kate fan site out there!! I am so thankful that you run this site and keep it updated the way you do. I know that all of the pictures from the news agencies are very expensive and I for one am glad to help in any way that I can.
    There are other sources out there that do have pictures of Kate posted that can be seen for free, but they rarely all of the pictures and sometimes do not have as good of quality as Roberta posts. The reason they don’t post all of the pictures is because of the cost of purchasing the pictures. I have several celebrity blog sites that I search on a daily basis and often I do find pictures of Kate. However, I always know that I can come to Kate Winslet Fan and find the best versions and more of them than anywhere else.
    Okay, I’ll get off of my soapbox now. I don’t mean to sound preachy or anything, but I just wanted to point out how lucky we are to have Roberta running this amazing Kate site. Thanks for letting me voice my ideas! Keep up the great work!
    You are greatly appreciated!!
    ~ Katefan1973

  2. Why don’t you have advertisers pay to advertise on your site? It would be the most efficient way to make money, to cover your costs. From what I can see, you have a lot of teenagers visiting this site, and they are hardly going to donate enough money.

  3. Roberta, we understand you very well! and this site is really the greatest, thanks to you. And we understand that you need the money to keep this website always as great as now and maybe better, I wish that I can help you with that, I really wish so but I am a teenager like so many in this website and I can’t donate because I don’t have a card and my parents wouldn’t let me!!!
    Thank you again for every thing Roberta.

  4. Yes, as much as I would like to donate, my parents won’t let me. I asked them the first time you brought it up and they wouldn’t do it then and the won’t do it now. It SUCKS for me big time, because the pictures you see here are much higher quality then on free sites AND there are alot more pictures. I understand where you’re coming from perfectly though, you need money to run this site.

  5. I understand where you are coming from completely. I really wish I could donate, trust me, but I just can’t afford to right now. I have just started college and money is short. I applied for a job, but most of that money is going to have to go towards food and well college costs. It doesn’t seem quite right to close the whole candid section off. Maybe just the new ones that you need help paying for should be closed off from people who either can’t afford to donate or just aren’t able to.

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