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Kate & Leo’s reunion on ET!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet reunite onscreen for the first time since 1997’s Titanic for the emotional ’50s drama Revolutionary Road, in theaters December 26, and between their love scenes and fight scenes, serious sparks fly! And with Kate’s husband, Sam Mendes (American Beauty), directing the movie, did some of those intimate scenes get a little awkward?

“Not a problem in this department,” Leo tells our own Kevin Frazier. “It was right for the characters. …You might want to ask [Kate about it].”

“You know what? Yes, it was,” says a candid Kate. “I did feel weird about it — [but] you get over that quickly. You really have to.” She adds that her husband “really treated me like the actress playing [the character of] April Wheeler,” and that during one of their more heated scenes, “Sam would sort of yell from the other room, ‘No, Leo really grab her thigh! Really grab her thigh!’ I thought, ‘This is really strange, but I’m gonna go with it.'”

Based on Richard Yates’ acclaimed 1961 novel, Revolutionary Road is the story of a Connecticut couple who must grapple with a crumbling marriage.

“It’s about two people who feeling that their life has become a cliché,” explains Leo. “It’s about the dissolving of their relationship, and I knew that if Kate and I were ever to work together again, we couldn’t tread over similar territory.”

Kathy Bates also stars in the movie as Mrs. Givings, the woman who sells Leo and Kate’s characters their home and introduces them to the town.

“To have her there was kind of reassuring and nice,” says Leo. “To have the three of us together it was kind of like a neat coming of age party. It’s been 12 years [since Titanic].”

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