2008 Sep 17

First sets of candids from this semester

• 2008 Candids: Kate and Joe in Chelsea – August 6
• 2008 Candids: Kate takes a walk with kids in West Village – September 6
• 2008 Candids: Kate with Mia and Joe out in NYC – September 16
• 2008 Candids: Kate and Sam dropping kids at school – September 17

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: From now on in order for you to view the candid pics you must donate $8.00 or over. I’m doing this because I’m desperately in need of more money contributions so that way I can keep improving the site to bring you the latest news and pics on Kate. So take it as a motivation and reward for the contributors more than anything else. All the rest is still free of charge. Note: if you have already donated $8.00 or over in the past couple of months, please contact me with your gallery’s username so I can liberate your account. DONATE HERE!

8 Comments on “First sets of candids from this semester”

  1. What is with Kate’s clothe latelys? That jumpsuit is so wrong!
    But it’s nice to see some new pics of her!

  2. That’s certainly the first time someone asked me to pay money to see candid pictures!! I understand you need money but asking for money on a a website, supposably for fans??!! Come on!!!

  3. I wish that I can donate to this website to see the pictures but I don’t have a card and my parents wouldn’t let me!:(

  4. I understand you need money but…..I can’t give it to you. I’m just fourteen and my mother won’t let me (which I understand) so now I can’t watch any candid pictures. Argh. I’m sad. :(

  5. Why don’t you try advertising for money. Asking for money to look at photos (that can be seen on other websites) is just silly, and if I might say so, slightly mean. Good luck with that.

  6. i agree that it is not the best idea to charge people for seeing pictures. I completely understand Roberta that you need the money for donations and to keep the website running. However some people are not allowed to use the credit card online and some are too young to have one! I really want to see the pictures and I would love to donate money but I can’t.

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