2007 Jun 27

Is Kate Winslet one of the Watchmen?

Here’s some salt. Now turn it upside down, shake, and splash it all over this one.

Kate Winslet may be playing Silk Spectre in the Watchmen movie, says Film Ick.

The site was provided with a list of potentials for the upcoming graphic novel cum film – directed by Zack Snyder (300) – with Winslet leading a cast that would also include Jason Patric (as Dr. Manhattan; have heard his name mentioned for the part before); Thomas Jane (as The Comedian) and Knocked Up co-star Jonah Hill (as Seymour).

Salty enough, yet?

A Nice Big Slice Of Watchmen Cast Cake, Serve With Salt

Regular reader Antonello alerted me to a rumoured Watchmen cast list. Of course, I haven’t been able to confirm it, so take it for what it is: a group of actors who may or may not have signed, or be in talks, but that certain whispering voices insist is 100% genuine. Of course, it is almost certainly not genuine at all and is a combination of already existing rumours and fanboy wish fulfillment. Why so many Little Children alum? It’s not Little Children was any good or anything.

We’ll soon know more Watchmen casting for sure, but myself… I’d like to believe this list. Not least because I don’t have much patience for weeks of rumours and I’d just like to see it all locked off as soon as possible.

Snyder’s clearly a talented filmmaker but, honestly, this isn’t going to touch the book. It will probably end up looking really very redundant.

Here’s the list:

Kate Winslet as Silk Spectre
Patrick Wilson as Night Owl
Jason Patric as Dr. Manhattan
Jude Law as Ozymandias
Thomas Jane as The Comedian
Jeremy Irons as Moloch
Virginia Madsen as Sally Jupiter
Jonah Hill as Seymour
Henry Gibson as Mr. Figure
William Fichtner as Detective Fine
Noah Emmerich as Captain Metropolis
Gretchen Mol as Janey Slater

Sources: Moviehole.net, film ick

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  1. I am so exited to see how well she will do in this Film.(I know she will do awsome like every other movie she’s been in.—-The Holiday, Little Children, Flushed Away ect.)

  2. Is she gonna do this movie?it sounds pretty funny with that kind of charaters names The comedian:P Night owl:PMR figure:p

  3. I’ve been constantly hearing that the casting list was fan-made. The only role that has been confirmed (i think) is Patrick Wilson…it was posted on his fan-site as one of his next projects.

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