2007 Jul 11

“Everybody’s Fine”, New Role

By Martin A. Grove

[…] Also on Nunnari’s current development slate is Everybody’s Fine, a remake of the 1990 Italian drama Stanno Tutti Bene that was directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and starred Marcello Mastroianni and won the Ecumenical Jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival as well as being a Palme d’Or nominee. “Everybody’s Fine is a fantastic project. Kirk Jones (Waking Ned Devine) is attached to direct. He wrote the script. It’s one of my dearest pieces of material. (Jones) is an unbelievable filmmaker. He doesn’t make (as many) movies as the audience would prefer. He’s very precise about what he wants to do. He turns down many, many things.

“A couple of years ago we decided to develop this material. We have a fantastic cast, which includes (Robert) De Niro and Kate Winslet and probably (will include other stars). I mean, we’re in the middle of casting, so those things are subject to every negotiation. De Niro and Winslet had a fantastic read through of the script with the director. They loved the material and we’re working on putting it together. De Niro and Winslet definitely want to make this movie.” […]

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

9 Comments on ““Everybody’s Fine”, New Role”

  1. Wow! Great news! I’ve been wanting De Niro and Kate to work together in a film. I hope this turns out to be true for sure.

  2. i always wanted them together after reunite of kate & leo it’s my second dream that’ll come true

  3. Wow!!!!!!!!!Its awesome news man Kate & Robert together i would love to see such great actors together

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