2010 Apr 05

Emma Stone teases “raunchy” Kate Winslet/Hugh Jackman short

Kate and Hugh Jackman Your imaginations are needed to help fill some gaps in a short film around which buzz has incrementally built over the last few months, and which actress Emma Stone briefly teased today in an interview with Movieline. That would be five-minute segment Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman contributed to the anthology Untitled Comedy — which, depending on whom you ask, is a working title or the actual name of an all-star omnibus directed by the likes of Peter Farrelly, Brett Ratner, Elizabeth Banks, and others. Stone is in another short altogether, but to hear her tell it (and not nearly enough), keep your eyes on The Catch.

“That one is so much fun,” said Stone, who had sat down to talk more generally about her upcoming indie Paper Man, which opens April 23. “It’s a series of 17 short films — kind of like Kentucky Fried Movie. It that vein. It’s just really, really funny. Kieran Culkin and I did our short together a couple of weeks ago, directed by Griffin Dunne. But wait until you see the Kate Winslet/Hugh Jackman one. That’s the only other one I’ve seen. The humor is so raunchy.”

Wait, huh? Winslet and Jackman? “Raunchy”? We all know Winslet will do just about anything on camera, but Jackman? What?

“Well, all of the stories are completely different,” Stone continued. “I think they’re going to tie them together; I don’t know how. I can’t give it away, but theirs is called The Catch. He’s a bachelor… but there’s a catch. She’s going on a date with this bachelor, and you will not believe what you see when you see it. It’s so f*cking funny. It’s so funny. And then Kieran and I are exes, and I’ve come to return his… toys. He’s working at a grocery store — on the night shift — and we have this very intense exchange. They’re all these five-minute shorts. You’ll really like it.”

That seems reasonable — the part about liking it, that is, not the part about dangling the details of a raunchy Hugh Jackman/Kate Winslet short film in front of me before yanking it away. Cold! (We do know they enjoyed the shoot last fall, though, for what it’s worth.) Nevertheless, it’s a good envisioning exercise: after all, these two last worked together voicing a pair of sewer rats. Dirtier than that? Let’s hear your ideas.

Source: Movieline