2010 Apr 05

Winslet refuses to feel guilty over career

The Titanic star, who recently split from husband Sam Mendes, has a daughter Mia, nine, and a six-year-old son Joe.

But the actress insists she came under scrutiny from the press when she left her kids at home to continue working in the film industry, and the negative portrayal of her parenting left her in despair.

She tells Britain’s The Times, “I don’t feel guilty about working now. When Mia was younger I did, but that was largely to do with the press. You know, ‘She’s off and the child gets left behind.’ You just want to kill yourself when you read those things.

“Mia and Joe are not onset movie kids. I don’t ever have them hang out in the trailer, because I don’t like the notion that they are sort of beholden to my schedule, not knowing when they’re going to see me. I’d rather, you know, give them a big kiss in the morning before I go off to work.”

Source: FOX 8 Live

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