2009 Nov 19

Hey everyone!

I came here today only to say apologize for not updating these last few months. My offline life has had me completely busy and I almost don’t come online anymore. Anyway, I HAVE NOT abandoned this site nor intend to, just please understand that I’ve got other things to be working with. I promise that come this December I’ll start updating the site again and bring some old stuff too.

Please try to understand. I love this site as much as you guys do and I just want to thank everyone of you who has been worrying about me. I’m okay, just way too busy with other things.

KWF is coming back soon!!! :D

19 Comments on “Hey everyone!”

  1. Hey, this is funny, today I was wondering whats about the life of kate right now, does anyone knows what is she doing?

    dont worry roberta, we understand, keep working, thanks for everything :D

  2. You were teasing me weren’t you. Making me go through Winslet withdrawls….
    When will will see a picture of who Roberta is. We are courious


  3. That’s completely understandable. In any case there hasn’t been that much Kate stuff going on lately anyway since she’s on the movie hiatus. But glad to hear there will be some updates coming up : )

  4. where? i want to know!! why did you say thatshe is making a movie tell me everything about it!!!!!

  5. Aylin- Are you talking about her collaboration with Hugh Jackman in the Farrelly piece? Because if so, firstly that’s a comedic SHORT and secondly, that’s quite recent, and she HAS been on a hiatus until now.

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