2008 Oct 16

“Revolutionary Road” photoshoot!!!

My dear friend Mariana has sent me an extremely rare photoshoot from the set of Revolutionary Road with Kate and Leo. Visit her site at Eva Green Web and thank her! ;)

• Revolutionary Road: Photoshoot

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  1. How can I made a register here? I have one on simplyleonardodicaprio, I’am Leo fan I and I really want this wonderful pics. And I love Kate too, she’s a great actress!!!

  2. Dear Ms. Winslet;

    First please allow me to congratulate your work accomplished on the Titanic movie!

    Second, thank you for going after these rag magazines which will print anything whether they have evidence of it or not! It is the very worst form of journalism left in the world today! I wish that are actors and actresses would take your stand and sue and perhaps they would lighten up a big on their lies and misconceptions of the truth.

    Thank you so much for all the fine work you have done in your movies!

    Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for all of your hard work in keeping yourself fit and in fighting back when wronged in this way!


    Michael G. Murphy

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