2007 Jan 23

Paparazzi’s out – please read

Due to the most recent interview from Hollywood Life, where she remarks the press being very intrusive (especially in London) and is quoted as saying: “A normal everyday activity, going to the grocery store or to the swing set, immediately became abnormal because you’d go with five paparazzi. You’d see them hiding in trees and try desperately to ignore them because you don’t want your child affected by it. It’s weird and freaky. You just don’t want someone you don’t know taking a photograph of your small child. It’s sick”, I’ve taken down and put offline all the candids pics there were in the gallery.

I know that some people find it fun and amusing to see Kate walking up and down the streets and as an ordinary person, but as fans, we must learn to respect Kate’s personal feelings about that. When I was uploading candids before, I was not aware of her true thoughts on it since in every other magazine I’d read she quoted as saying: “If you give them what they want, they’ll love you”. By that, one is lead to think she didn’t care much about it. Because this site, above all things, respects Ms. Winslet as a serious actress and most importantly, as an human being, I find it unnecessary to post this kind of photographs if our true intention is to acknowledge Kate’s work.

From now on, only pics of Kate outside TV Shows and such, where she acknowledges photographers and is seen waving and giving autographs to fans will be posted.

Thank you for your comprehension.

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  1. eu sabia que a kate seria indicada ao oscar….
    vc sabe quando vai chegar no Brasil Romance e Cigarros ou A Grande Ilusão?
    vc ja viu a kate de perto?

  2. Wise decision. Not all webmasters understand that private life has to remain private. Thanks for spreading this idea.

  3. I think what you did was very wise and respectful to Kate. Everyone knows that celebrities do like some publicity, but also need the privacy of their own life. Congrad’s to you for recognizing the fact and complying with it in such a beautiful manner.

  4. I don’t believe in supporting the pap pics that are intrusive where they follow people to their home or out and about on personal business. But I do think that some of the photos within your candid section did not fall into that category, so I ask, could you please go thru them and leave the ones that actually are out at an event. Like I think there were some leaving or going to talk shows in a some of the younger years. I would say anything where Mia is there is out, I don’t think you had any with Joe there. I do know that a lot of the times that Kate does look comfortable and smiling that she was just trying to make the best of a bad situation (them following her) and it’s a shame that some of those are my favorite smiles from her ’cause they seem more natural, less posey or practiced. I support your decision but will miss those pics where Kate is smiling, not those where she is frowning and looking at them like “don’t you have anything better to do”. :)

  5. Hey Janna,

    Yes, I completely agree with you. Actually, that’s exactly what I had in mind. I’ll go through the candids where she seems comfortable around the paparazzi. In fact, I recall one particular candid set in which she was with Mia and Mia was playing hide-and-seek with the photographers, hiding under Kate’s coat and they were both smiling for the pap.
    Anyway, like I said, I’ll go through all of my candids and see which can be posted. :)
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. To be quite honost about this, there is no problem as far as my personal opinion on the paporazzi photos. In case it is not realized in this particular category of dicussion, Kate is famous and is obviously an important person to many, so to please everyone there are a multitude of pictures. Her children have nothing to do with her career, and how she is brought about in the paporazzi, so they shouldn’t even be mentioned. Also, I think it is only fair to understand that people like Kate deserve the space for many pictures. She is different from all the other actresses, the ones who yes, have too many personal, family and outside the career photographs. But much of paporazzi becomes obsessive at times, but Kate is too classy to ever be miserable about this part. I think she stands her ground and stays hidden for the most part. Most of her press is on talk shows and talk shows always bring out more.

  7. P.S. Kate has more heart and intelligence on talk shows more than how any photograph would upset her in a magazine.

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