2007 Sep 24

Birthday Project

To celebrate Kate’s upcoming 32nd birthday, Kate Winslet Fan has decided to launch a Birthday Project in honor of our English Rose!

Sadly, I’ve come up with the idea pretty late and since her birthday is next week, this is what I will do: you guys have until September 30 to send me e-mails with birthday messages to Kate. Poetry, fan art, letter, photographs are all welcome. I will make a CD with your messages and have it send out by mail to Kate on October 1st. Remember to be creative! :)

What you have to do: send your message (poetry, fan art, letter, photograph, etc.) to roberta@kate-winslet.net with your name, age and country, and the subject of the e-mail has to be “Birthday Project”. Deadline: Sunday, September 30, 2007.

Edit (September 26): So far I’ve received a fair amount of stuff, but I expect a lot more, so please people, spread the word about this project. This will reach Kate and she will most likely read all your messages, so let’s make this a big deal and show her that we really mean it! You guys can send pretty much anything you’ve done inspired by Kate: poetry, letters, birthday wishes, videos, paintings, etc.

Edit (September 29): Tomorrow is the deadline. If you still want to participate, be quick! :)

8 Comments on “Birthday Project”

  1. that’s awesome! I was thinking about that today, that’s kate’s birthday is coming up. Anyway, I’ll definitely do something

  2. That’s a great ideia! Did you know it’s a holiday in my country?! And it’s my birthday too… So it’s the best day of the year!!!

  3. I will absolutely most definately do this!!!! I think I will try to make a video. If not write a letter or send a new drawing with a photo, something haha! I will definately do something!!

  4. Roberta, wha t a lovely iodea. I love your suggestion and will try to come up with something when I get home. Can I ask you, since i am interested in doing something similar for my site, how do you plan to send the entries to Kate? by using the fanmail? Or do you have another way?

    Please let me know as I am dying to do the same thing for Elijah’s birthday, but have no idea how to forward all fan mad entries to him.

    Love, sara

  5. hello i’m fernando and I’m spanish, i love you kate and i love your films wich were very original. I want to say happy birthday . I want to watch your new film revolutionary road because it will be so fantastic film. Nothing more i love you and i want that you would be the same person.

  6. this is a good idea! we can do that. instead of it ROBERTA can put more videos from TITANIC ! it’s a good exchange, isn’t it?

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