2007 Apr 29

Press Conferences/Photocalls + Other appearances

• Other Appearances: Imperia Cancer Research Funds Christmas Concert
• Press Conferences and Photocalls: 31st Annual Toronto Film Festival: Little Children Portraits
• Press Conferences and Photocalls: 44th Annual New York Film Festival: Little Children Press Conference
• Press Conferences and Photocalls: The Holiday Press Conference
• Other Appearances: Opening Night of The Vertical Hour on Broadway
• Other Appearances: NRJ Radio Station

There are a bunch of new LJ icons, headers and wallpapers donated by Annie at the fanart gallery!

5 Comments on “Press Conferences/Photocalls + Other appearances”

  1. Thanks a bunch! Some of those are pics I’ve never seen at events I didn’t even know she attended.

  2. well, Kate’s always helping people. It’s not a surprise for us to know that she’s in a good cause. Well, by the way…great pictures!

  3. oh my god ,i’m so happy that kate attended at these kind of event
    thanks roberta for your eforrts
    cool pics

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