2009 Feb 21

Winkleman: ‘Leave Kate Winslet alone’

Claudia Winkleman has defended Kate Winslet following recent criticism of her behaviour at award ceremonies.

Winslet was accused of being “over the top” when she became emotional at the Golden Globes in January. The actress went home with two awards at the ceremony, winning the best drama actress gong for Revolutionary Road and the best supporting actress prize for The Reader.

Earlier this month, the star put in a more restrained performance after winning the best actress award at the BAFTAs.

Winkleman has now admitted that all eyes will be on Winslet at the Academy Awards on Sunday night. The TV host is fronting Sky’s coverage of the ceremony, which could see the star walking away with her first Oscar.

“I think everyone has been unfair. This is her moment. Leave her alone,” Winkleman told the Daily Record. “At the Golden Globes she got up and showed how much it mattered to her.

“These awards really make a difference: what house they can buy, what roles they get offered, what money they can charge for each film. If she wins, she’ll be an Academy Award winner forever so she was really moved to get a Golden Globe.

“Then she came to the BAFTAs and was restrained and people say she didn’t show much emotion. The girl can’t win.”

Source: Digital Spy

3 Comments on “Winkleman: ‘Leave Kate Winslet alone’”

  1. I agree with Winkleman. Leave Kate Alone she has done so well this year with her awards. She has so shocked at winning 2 Golden Globe awards for her 2 amazing performances. The BAFTAs Kate probably thourght “I will get grief if i show how honored i am i accept this award, i may aswell keep it brief” poor girl, she has a right to feel emotional and have feelings. It is wrong what the press and everyone is saying about Kate being “over the top”. By the way good luck for the Oscars Kate you can do it i believe in you.

  2. This situation is going too far. My Godm she’s human, she’s a person!! SHE HAS FEELINGS! What’s the matter if she showns them? ..If she is shocked, bad because she is shocked, and if she pretends to control herself, bad because she doen’t show emotions…Oh, come on…decide some way!!!
    Kate, all of we are with you and proud of your behaviour and work. Keep being so ethical..you’re one of the few people who knows what’s that ;)

  3. A truly wonderful actress with an incredible range of work. She is truly a REAL human being and a class act. Stay “over the top” ….your joy and happiness are well deserved!!!!!!!

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