2008 May 30

What is Kate Winslet’s best movie so far as an actress?

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Thanks to fan Rondee for sending us this poll.

4 Comments on “What is Kate Winslet’s best movie so far as an actress?”

  1. mmmmmmm. . . .so difficult, I can’t choose, so I will say three: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Little Children and The Life Of David Gale. All in all, Kate is stunning and marvelous in every fiml that she does.

  2. Finding Neverland, Jude, Holy Smoke.
    I found The Holiday and Little Children quite dreadful but her sole presence saved the movies.
    She’s the best!!!

  3. I must say, i haven’t seen one bad film with Kate in it. But if i have to choose I would probably say Finding Neverland. That film with for always be with me, the same goes for the rest of the films, but there is something special about this one!

  4. this is a realy hard question…i truly do love all her movie but if i had to choose i would pick Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and titanic.

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