2011 Mar 25

First pic from Polanski’s “Carnage”

Off-screen trials and tribulations aside, the prospect of a new Roman Polanski film is always mouthwatering – and we’re delighted to bring to you the first pictures from the Polish maestro’s new film, the all-star drama Carnage.

Formerly known as God Of Carnage, but presumably renamed once it was decided that geeks wouldn’t mistakenly pay to see the movie in the belief that it’s about a terrible Spider-Man villain, Carnage boasts a frankly stunning cast in the shape of Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly, Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz. They play two couples who come together one evening to discuss the behavior of their children, only for things to quickly become heated.

• Carnage: Promotional Stills

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  1. I totally agree Victoria this looks brilliant, I think it was shot in real time as well kinda like Virgina Wolfe was done which makes it even more fascinating to see.

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