2011 Apr 12

Screen captures: “Mildred Pierce” parts four and five

Added HD captures of final two parts of Mildred Pierce:

• Mildred Pierce: Screen Captures: Part Four
• Mildred Pierce: Screen Captures: Part Five

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  1. Thank you so much Roberta! It’s great to see that you continued supporting this fan-site and have kept everyone up to date with news. Nice job!!!

  2. I just watched parts 1 through 5 of Mildred Pierce and it flew, too fast actually. Intense, amazing, complelling I dont know where to start. Guy Pierce start his usual adorabe self and finished the opposite, very good. Ewan Wood was so coldly cruel with no remorse in some scenes in parts 4 and 5 it was very impressive. As for Kate, she had me glued to the screen from sec 1 and she was in every scene, which she was amazing in going through every emotion in and taking me with her, just unbelievable!! The Emmy is Kates for sure!!

  3. I shouls also mention that the sets and locations from the houses, cars and every detail of each person walking a 30s street in LA were superb. I dont know who does this if its the director or set and location team and I do love 1930s and in LA in spite of the depression. It was visually transferred to screen beauifully in this piece making Mildred Piecre all the more a pleasure to behold.

  4. Hi, great comments ;)

    The series flew… I thought it was brilliant!!! Everything was so well done and Kate’s performance was espectacular! Her expressions, her acting, her presence, so beautiful and passionate… But I wanted to also say that I thought the ending was a bit disapointing… I don’t know if I was disapointed with the story in the end or how the ending was showed… Do you know what I mean??? What did you guys think? I really miss our forum!!! Is it coming back, Roberta?

  5. I’m so glad you enjoyed this so much marta and it flew for you too. You are soo right about Kate’s performance. I wasnt as disappointed in the ending as you the journey of the story being so compelling was part of the reason it flew I think. This version wa meant to be based on the book more than the 1945 movie. I wasnt expecting a cheery ending but it didnt matter the countless wonderful reasons that make up this lovely piece made the endng illerevat. It was so good you could do parts 6-10 if there was a book for it, a brilliant work.

  6. I must say I didn’t read the book but I saw the film and thought it was very good. Maybe that’s the reason why I thought the ending was supose to be different…

    Any way… I can’t wait to see Kate in Movie 43 !!! I think it is supose to come out in August 26th ;)

  7. I agree marta cant wait for both Kate’s movies this year. I didnt think one was comin out so early, thats great news, thanks for the info.

  8. Great comments from this thread! I agree with all of it and Kate Winslet must win the Emmy for the performance.
    I was so sad about the ending but I think it was partly because it was the END. I wanted more of this!

    And I have been looking for the forum. I knew I had seen it somewhere but couldnt find it. So it has been removed?

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