2009 Feb 04

Richard and Judy follow up!

Last Wednesday 3 members of KWF made their way to London.
AmyTheYam, Elodie and myself were treated to a private screening of Revolutionary Road. Followed by a trip to a Television Studio where we were interviewed in front of TV camera’s! The program was broadcast on Friday 30th January.

Here is a little footage from that day:

If you would like to know more about our day, please read our story in more detail on the KWF Forum

3 Comments on “Richard and Judy follow up!”

  1. Great job guys!!! This was awesome. You all did a wonderful job giving your reviews. :)

  2. wow thats so cool! you all did great and are sooo lucky you got to do that!
    im just curious but richard what are your top 5 Kate movies?? :)

  3. Thanks Jessica and Christie!

    Jess; My number one is always Heavenly Creatures, and in no order, I would say ESOTSM, The Reader, Romance & Cigarettes (a guilty pleasure!), and Titanic.

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