2007 Mar 02

More Oscars goodies!

• Television/Award Shows: 79th Annual Academy Awards

• Appearances: 79th Annual Academy Awards: GMTV’s Vanity Fair Party Interview (Thanks to Mariana)
• Appearances: E! Fashion Police: 79th Annual Academy Awards (Thanks to Mariana)

8 Comments on “More Oscars goodies!”

  1. he first vid is great! its so cute that she says hi 2 her mum. im not so sure about the fashion police cause i think they were really wrong, kate looked absolutly fab!

  2. Thank you for the videos. Kate always comes across so sweet and genuine, how many celebrities can you say that about? And as for the fashion police, one or two of them thought she looked great but it doesn’t matter what they think. Kate was elegant. There’s too much focus on “flash” and not class. Class stands the test of time, just as Kate’s nominations and eventual win(s) will.

  3. Hi Roberta, do you have an interview with Kate on the red carpet , during which she gets a message from Ricky Gervais?

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