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Revolutionary Road – On the Set: Day 2

• Revolutionary Road: On the Set – May 14, 2007

Co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Zoe Kazan were also there. Click the link below to see photos of them and also of Sam Mendes.

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Sam Mendes:

Zoe Kazan:

Costume Department:

23 Comments on “Revolutionary Road – On the Set: Day 2

  1. thank you for this. But how do we know that it’s leo in the pictures ? We don’t see his face. it could be a body double right ?

    If it’s leo he shaved and put some weight since last time we saw him.

  2. Can see in photos Leo’s usual bodyguard, so he wouldn’t be there if the guy was just Leo’s double

  3. Fabulous! I hope there are more pics of Kate and Leo for tomorrow’s shoot!

  4. Thanks a lot! kate looks gorgeous. I love Leo’s look – I like him better when he shaves!

  5. can`t wait to see this movie

    Kate looks gorgeous and leo looks cute while he is running
    why there are no pictures of them together??
    thanks roberta for the pictures

  6. Wow! Leo,
    Handsome! I can see him with Ho Ching aka su san that crazy woman who colours eyes.

  7. I can’t wait to see the movie. Where are they filming in the first week of June? I wonder if its an open set? I hope so, seeing Jack and Rose reunited is a once and a lifetime experiance.

  8. i wonder where there are filming i have no clue. i was j ust watching titanic and bought a poster at some collectible store thing i was so happy. i love kate and leo

  9. Zoe Kazan is a terrible actor. I’ve seen her a few times in NY and while she was at Yale, and she is absolutely horrible. Her being Elia Kazan is the only reason she gets any work (aside from her habit of sleeping her way to the top).

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