2007 Jun 10

Pics from 2 days of filming “RR”

• Revolutionary Road: On the Set – May 30, 2007
• Revolutionary Road: On the Set – June 2, 2007

6 Comments on “Pics from 2 days of filming “RR””

  1. Hey, I wanted to thank you for having such a great gallery. You can never have enough pics of Kate :)
    But can I also suggest something? Personally I’d try to have another thumbnail size. I know that squares always look neat, but the way your script is cropping the images is really unflattering. It’s hard to find the right images when all heads are cut off :(
    I just don’t know if your script can change the size afterwards… so – just a suggestion :)
    ~ Jenny

  2. I cant thank you gals enough for the nice pics you provide for us all! You really have made a nice atmosphere here as well, many thanks!!

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