2007 Jun 11

Waiting on Kate

According to industry sources, Lancôme, the L’Oréal-owned beauty brand, has signed Kate Winslet to be a spokeswoman. Winslet — perhaps best known for her starring role in Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio — is expected to be introduced to the press at a Lancôme event tonight in Paris. She and DiCaprio are currently filming Revolutionary Road, a movie slated for a 2008 release.

And here is a special web page: june-11-2007.tv

Thanks to laincoubert for posting this news at the forums!

5 Comments on “Waiting on Kate”

  1. It’s her, it’s her! They still only show the teaser but in the French translation they mention KATE!!!

  2. @ Andre
    I can’t see the teaser for some reason. Could you tell us what they say, please?

  3. The announcement is over now. There was some special dinner party outside a palace or castle and Kate appeared on top of a huge staircase and walked down it. She wore a fabulous black dress and omg, she looked so great!

  4. They re-run it, if you install the newest flash player you should be able to see it!

  5. The induction ceremony was awesome. It’s pretty short, but the suspense was cool. There was this neat video with a google earth zoom on paris and cars zooming through the paris streets and then a count-down ticker. I’m a big Kate fan and I actualy had no idea it was going to be here. What a surprise!!

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