2010 Jun 02

On the set of “Mildred Pierce” on June 1 and June 2

Kate Winslet was in Harlem yesterday, June 1st, filming Mildred Pierce. Co-star Evan Rachel Wood was in Harlem yesterday as well. They were both in the Mount Morris Historic District, which is located between 120th to 124th Street from Lenox Avenue to Madison Avenue.

Getting ready for a day’s worth of shooting, Kate Winslet was spotted on set of Mildred Pierce in Glendale, Queens, New York today, June 2:

The English actress looked to be deep in conversation while sporting shorts, a long-sleeved top and some shades in between takes.

• Mildred Pierce: on the set – June 1
• Mildred Pierce: on the set – June 2

3 Comments on “On the set of “Mildred Pierce” on June 1 and June 2”

  1. whats facinating you? you know they say when you rub your face you get pimpels. never the less you look good with sunglasses on
    love you lots…. MWA : )

  2. this has nothing to do with the picture, I just wanted to say to Kate that I think she’s great and really beautiful and in 1 article she said that she realizes she’s getting old but I just wanted to say that Kate, even though you’re getting older you’re getting more beautiful every day and that’s a compliment you can;t look old even if you tried I will someday meet you and its gonna be great luv ya mwa mwa mwa loads of hugs and kisses

  3. Does Kate Winslet really look @ this site ????
    If she does then..
    Dear Kate Winslet,
    I Fucking Love You : )
    And also a response to Poppy’s comment..
    Kate, everybody’s getting older..i am..you are..bobby across the street is : )
    hahah… But seriously you aren’t “old” not even near it!
    So quit worrying because i’m sure a lot of woman would kill!!..to look like you!

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